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An informal marriage, also called a common law marriage is a valid marriage in Texas that comes with the same rights and duties as formal marriage with a traditional ceremony and registration with the county clerk. The formation of an informal marriage is relatively simple, and so is protecting yourself from being in that common law marriage if you do not want anything more than to cohabit with a significant other or a roommate.

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  • Contrary to myths, there is not a specific amount of time a couple need to live with one another as married to be in an informal marriage. The following are the requirements to form a common law marriage in Texas:. Signing an application for credit, a residential lease, and other similar forms as husband and wife can be used to validate an informal marriage. Identifying as married spouses on social media can also be proof of a legitimate common law marriage.

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    If you live with a significant other and avoid being recognized as common law married, you can sign a cohabitation agreement and take other affirmative steps to document the nature of your living situation so as not to live together and represent to others that you are in an informal marriage. To protect rights as a spouse in an informal marriage you can submit documentation to declare and register an informal marriage in Dallas County. Many common law married couples take this extra step in proving their marriage to preserve inheritance rights. When an information marriage is registered and documented it can save a spouse from proving the validity of the common law marriage after the loss of their spouse.

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    Keywords: What is common law marriage in Texas, Declaration of Marriage, informal marriage, common law spouse, avoid common law marriage, cohabitation agreement, inheritance rights, Texas, family law, Dallas, Scroggins Law Group, Mark Scroggins,. However, after the marriage license is issued there is a seventy-two 72 hour waiting period until the license becomes valid. The marriage license may be used anywhere in the State of Texas.


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    After 3 days the application will be removed from our queue and you will need to complete your application again. Applications are also available to complete when you visit one of our locations.

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    Electronic submittal of your application is not required. Affidavit of Absent Applicant. County Clerk.