Marriage records and las vegas

Stop and call us now at We'll just do it all for you whether you were married with us or not. The other option is to read through the information below that we've taken much time to clearly lay out so you can place your order online - easily! If you are not married yet, you need a Las Vegas marriage license. These Documents in Simple Terms There are two primary documents that are available after your wedding.

One everyone will need and one that you might need. Below we explain each document so you can determine which are right for you. Important: Everybody will need this document! Unless, of course, you're already married super sleazy. Or trying to get hitched to your kid sister really gross. Oh, and by the way, both of those things are totally illegal Here are some things to know if you're planning to legally wed in Las Vegas.

Want to tie the knot in Vegas? Welcome to the club. Clark County the county where Las Vegas is located issued more than 80, marriage licenses in alone.

How To Get Married in Las Vegas

To score a marriage license in Clark County, you must appear in person before a clerk at a Marriage License Bureau location, either downtown or at one of the outlying offices. Your proposed union must include two people who are unrelated and both at least 18 years old. Proof of name and age will be required, so don't forget to bring your valid driver's license, passport, military ID card or other government-issued ID card.

What are the Acceptable Forms of Photo Identification?

Insider Tip: Speed things up with the online marriage pre-application process click here and follow the instructions. You'll evenget to skip ahead to the "Express Window. But wait, you're under 18? Ah, young love. So innocent.

Wedding Legal Requirements

So legal in Las Vegas. Here's what you need to know:. In the long run, getting married may cost you lots of things: Your independence. Your little black book. Your sanity. That's for the marriage license. In Clark County, blood tests are not required and there is no waiting period. Come to Vegas and give it another shot. Just last year, 75, marriage licenses were issued by the Clark County marriage license bureau.

Before making your way to the Marriage License Bureau, we recommend filling out the pre-application on their website www.

Nevada Marriage Records – Document Recording and Retrieval Services

You and your partner must both be present and show them a form of photo identification, such as:. As a bonus, the state of Nevada does not require blood tests.

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The county clerk will then issue your marriage license certificate and souvenir certificate of the marriage license. You can then visit www. Vegas once again after getting married to order an official copy of marriage license. You will have to wait ten days after your ceremony for the officiant to file the paperwork. To get legally married in Las Vegas, applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Who May Receive a Copy

Proof of age and proof of identity of the person giving permission may also be required. If a parent or guardian is not present, a notarized affidavit is mandatory. If you are under 16, marriage can only be authorized by court order when either a parent or legal guardian have filed the request. If you have questions regarding age requirements, we recommend giving the license bureau a call at Fortunately, there is no waiting period in Las Vegas.

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