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The law also sets time limits for this to occur. For example, the Department of Corrections must be notified of a change of address within three days of it occurring. While stringent, compliance is important because failing to follow registration requirements can have serious consequences. Failing to comply with sex offender registration statutes is a felony.

Finally, if the offender is on probation or parole for an underlying charge, this could bring even more penalties for violating those terms. Sex offender registration is intended to keep tabs on violent and habitual sex offenders.


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However, although failure to register is a serious felony, many convicted sex offenders prefer to fly under the radar, risking a subsequent arrest and conviction for failure to register rather than face life with the restrictions and shame associated with a sex offender brand. If you have been convicted of a sex crime, you likely have many questions about your registration status and how to comply. You may not understand all of the exclusions and restrictions associated with your conviction, but your attorney can help.

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Recent Supreme Court rulings, on the other hand, have found the unconstitutionality of several aspects of sex offender laws in Oklahoma, and a lawyer with Law Firm of Oklahoma can help you understand what implications these changes may have for you. The Oklahoma legislature understands that not every sex offense is equally egregious.

For this reason, and to help the public determine which offenders pose the greatest risk to safety and well-being, the state developed a risk level assessment for sex offenders. Unfortunately, this offense-based system provides no real indication of the seriousness of an offense. While it makes sense that violent or habitual offenses would be among the high-risk offenses, the crime of statutory rape—consensual sex with someone who is legally unable to provide that consent—is classified along with predatory crimes.

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The following offense-based risk levels determine how long and how frequently a convicted sex offender must register:. As a Level 1 offender, a person must register with authorities yearly for 15 years; a Level 2 offender must register every six months for 25 years; and a Level 3 offender must register every 90 days for life. If you are required to register as an Oklahoma Sex Offender, you will be subject to numerous restrictions.

Everyday activities which you once took for granted will now be forbidden.

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