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As such, new deaths reported after February will not be available in this database until Tom Alciere makes available this free version of the Social Security Death Master File, current as of November , and searchable by name or social security number.

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This copy does not have available the death-residence location or death benefit payout ZIP Code. Advanced search features make this free version of the SSDI easy to use with registration.

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Steve Morse has created a very handy search form which enhances the search abilities of many of the free SSDI search engines on the Web. You can choose from a variety of free SSDI databases to search through this flexible search interface. It is current through mid-March , but does not include social security numbers for individuals who died within the past 10 years.

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Going forward, new records will be available when they are older than 3 years days , to comply with U. The estate must pass through probate, a court-supervised process of collecting assets, paying debts and distributing property to beneficiaries. And if the person didn't leave a will, the probate process involves locating his next of kin to whom his property will pass, paying debts then transferring net assets. Whether a person leaves a will or not, the person shepherding the estate through probate must prove death. That means it is very likely that you will find a copy of the death certificate in the file.

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If the person left a will, the original will is also one of the early documents in the probate file. You may even find a copy of the obituary there.

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  5. To access a probate file, you'll need to find the proper probate court, usually located in the county in which the person lived just before death. Take in the person's name, date of birth and date of death and ask the clerk to locate the file.

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    You can view it for free, or, for a small per-page fee, make copies of documents of interest. Each jurisdiction maintains a register of birth and death records of its residents. This includes death certificates. If you know or can determine where the person died, you can see whether the jurisdiction maintains an easily searchable, online database of death information. Many states require you to order and pay for the documents in person, by mail or online. You can order Michigan death records online through the VitalCheck website. The downside is that these records are not free. The Social Security Administration has put together a database of people whose deaths were reported to them between about and , created from its Death Master File.