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Donald Wandrei and Family: An Inventory of Their Papers Personal and business papers primarily documenting the lives and careers of two brothers from St. Paul Minn. The papers also concern the lives of the brothers' parents and their respective family histories. War History Committee: An Inventory of Its Collected Research Materials whc02 Collected research materials relating to almost all aspects of the war, both on the battlefield and the home front. War Records Commission: An Inventory of Its Bulletins, Circulars, and Newsletters gr Bulletins, circulars, and newsletters issued by the War Records Commission concerning the collection and preservation of Minnesota's war records.

Also newsletters and circulars collected by the Commission from various state and local agencies and organizations. Employment Service application cards, employer's orders, and referral cards; and Public Safety Commission speakers. War Records Commission: An Inventory of Its Collected Materials gr Papers of individuals, records of organizations, and printed materials relating to wartime activities, collected or compiled by the War Records Commission.

War Records Commission: An Inventory of Its Correspondence gr Correspondence relating to the commission's establishment and the organization and operation of county war records committees.

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Also clippings from local newspapers relating to the commission's work; correspondence with other states' war history organizations; general correspondence relating primarily to the collection of records and the compilation of the commission's publications; and related reports. The lists show names, addresses, and draft numbers of , Minnesota men registered under the draft during World War I.

These files comprise the first and final drafts of the narrative portion of that history, supplemented by transcripts of reports and orders, regimental chronologies, other background notes, and correspondence and clippings regarding preparation and issuance of the history. Some were compiled by the Adjutant General's Office; the source of many of the others is unknown. They occasionally are accompanied by photographs, war letters, or other related material. They are supplemented by similar records for nurses and for Hennepin County personnel of service organizations.

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War Records Commission: Military Training Camps Association: An Inventory of Its Records gr Records documenting the activities of this organization, including correspondence, applications, and aviation files. Paul organization, including its organization, membership, finances, meetings, services, and correspondence. War Records Commission: Ramsey County War Records Commission: An Inventory of Its Records gr Minutes, agendas, prospectus for publication, correspondence, notes, and research files relating to the commission's work documenting war-related activities in Ramsey County or involving county residents.

War Records Commission: St. Includes correspondence, subscription lists, financial records, and a war activities scrapbook, all relating to liberty and victory loans.

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War Records Commission: U. Employment Service: Minnesota Office: An Inventory of Its Records gr Headquarters and Minnesota branch office files including applications for employment, occupational cards of men enrolled in the U. Public Service Reserve, employers' requisitions for labor, correspondence, daily reports from branch offices, reports of the state office to Washington, publicity material, clippings, and circulars. War Records Commission: War Camp Community Service: An Inventory of Its Records gr Correspondence, reports, account books, bulletins, lists of patrons, clippings, and other records relating to the work of providing recreation and wholesome surroundings for soldiers stationed in or near the Twin Cities Minneapolis and St.

George H. Warren: An Inventory of His Family Papers P Correspondence, deeds, and related legal and business papers largely relating to controversies over ownership of the Warren family's real properties in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota and in Willamette, Oregon. Also an index to coroner's certificates circa Waseca County. District Court: An Inventory of Its Naturalization Records and Index SAM Personal name index, declarations of intention , ; final papers, petition and record, lists of citizenship petitions granted and denied, applications to take oath of allegiance, and correspondence.

Waseca County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Plaintiffs and Defendants Indexes gr Plaintiffs and defendants indexes; entries include file number, parties to the case, type of action, date and amount of judgment, and citation to the register of action volume and page number indexed.

The numbers in the indexes are not case file numbers; they correspond to those used in the Waseca County District Court Minutes, also housed in the Minnesota Historical Society.

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The entry for each case may include the case number; names of the plaintiff, defendant, and attorneys; nature of the case; a chronological list of documents filed, orders issued, and other actions by the court or disputing parties; and, when applicable, costs adjudged and remarks. Waseca County: Probate Court: An Inventory of Its Will Books gr Copies or transcriptions of the complete texts of wills probated by the courts, accompanied by certifications of authenticity and of filing signed by witnesses and clerks of court. Waseca County: School District No.

Stanley Washburn: An Inventory of Stanley Washburn Papers Scrapbooks, book manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and correspondence relating primarily to Washburn's career as a war correspondent for the Chicago Daily News in the Russo-Japanese War and on the Russian front during World War I in various capacities and his experiences as an explorer in Canada; correspondence mainly s regarding personal matters, business interests, and U.

Also included is a scrapbook of clippings relating to William D. Washburn, Republican senator from Minnesota and father of Stanley Washburn; information on the Republican Party, including material on the Republican national conventions of and ; scrapbooks with information on the North Dakota Lignite Coal Operators Association circa , and the visit to the U.

Croix County, Wisconsin, covering that part of the county west of the St. Croix River and east of the Mississippi River present-day Washington and surrounding Minnesota counties. Washington County. Washington County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr Oaths and bonds of county officials; chattel mortgages; estray records; ferry, peddlers' and auctioneers' licenses; inventory of county property; a tax account record with the state of Minnesota; a or Republican primary ballot; South Stillwater plat index; and subject files.

Washington County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Road Records gr A road plat book ; road record book ; road warrant registers ; loose road papers including orders, petitions, maps, and road committee reports ; and road commissioner's minutes and tax sales Washington County: Auditor: An Inventory of Its Warrant Registers gr A record of payments from county funds authorized by the county auditor for the years and Washington County: District Court: An Inventory of Its Civil and Criminal Case Files gr Civil and criminal case files in three consecutive sequences and a separate set of criminal case files only Washington County: Forest Lake Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr Town meeting minutes; accounting records; election records, including poll lists; assessment roll abstracts; a tax list; road and road tax records; wolf bounties; a chattel mortgage record; and a variety of ordinances, contracts, petitions, and other miscellany.

Included are a list of old age assistance recipients, and articles of agreement and bylaws of the Forest Lake Co-operative Creamery Association. Washington County: Grey Cloud Island Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr Minutes of township meetings, financial records, birth and death records, marriage records, justice of the peace records, planning and rezoning records, and minutes of Planning Commission meetings.

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Includes records of Newport Township and St. Paul Park. Washington County: Hugo: An Inventory of Its Records gr Chattel mortgage index; minutes of the city council, parks and recreation commission, planning commission, and zone adjustment board; ordinances; and resolutions.


Washington County: Marine Township: An Inventory of Its Records gr Clerk's record book, including some minutes of Marine Mills; treasurer's registers and reports; road records; justice docket; election records, including poll lists; Board of Auditors reports; and resolutions. Oakdale: An Inventory of Its Records oakdale Incorporation papers, newsletters, recreation brochures, labor union agreements, miscellaneous petitions, and minutes and reports of the city's human rights commission, safety committee, police commission, and Interstate Highway 94 corridor committee.

Washington County: Pine Point Nursing Home: An Inventory of Its Pine Point Nursing Home Records gr Minutes of the nursing home's governing board, audit reports and a financial statement, reports on income from patients, historical data, a financial feasibility study, and sample patient documents and miscellany. Washington County: Poor Farm: An Inventory of Its Poor Farm Records gr Records of this county farm, including registers of inmates, financial records, property inventories, a sketch map, payroll records, a visitors register, and the commissioner's book.

Washington County: Sheriff: An Inventory of Its Jail Registers gr Information that may be recorded: name, date, age, height, hair color, complexion, race, occupation, county of origin, literacy, marital status, by whom sent, what for, term, and why discharged. Washington County: Stillwater: An Inventory of Its Miscellaneous Records gr Assorted records documenting various aspects of the city's administration.

Interest and sinking fund commissioners minutes , reform and investigating committee minutes , chattel mortgage indexes and record book , city charter , amendments to the city charter and ordinances , a proposed new city charter , health officer's record of contagious diseases , Water Department annual statement , ledger , disbursement records , and audit reports Also official street map and sectional map circa Included are records of receipts and expenditures and tax, school land, and soldiers' bounty records.

The letters document Richard's real estate ventures in Minnesota and other family matters; agricultural production; politics; and his own investments for other members of the family. Waste Management Board: An Inventory of Its Hazardous Waste Facilities Files wmb02 Hearing, negotiation, and subject files for proposed facilities and sites for the processing and disposal of hazardous wastes in Minnesota.

Waste Management Board: An Inventory of Its Published Records wmb Reports, planning documents, and informational issuances on hazardous waste facility siting and liability, hazardous waste management in general, storage and disposal options for hazardous waste, industrial waste, pollution prevention, and general solid waste management issues. Waste Management Board An Inventory of Its Subject Files Miscellaneous gr Miscellaneous subject files dealing with such topics as above ground retrievable storage; conferences on composting, hazardous waste reduction, sustainable development, and solid waste; electric resistivity; facility siting, including reports on out of state tours and maps of proposed sites; history of the board; environmental impairment liability; and a work plan summary for the governor.

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Waste Management Board: An Inventory of Its Task Force and Committee Files wmb05 Task force and committee files dealing with household hazardous wastes, resource recovery, solid waste policy, and waste stabilization containment. Watchmaker's Board: An Inventory of Its Board Records gr Minutes , annual and biennial reports , , licensure and scratch repair mark index cards , and miscellaneous files.

Water and Soil Resources Board: An Inventory of Its Minutes gr Minutes of board meetings, often accompanied by agendas, meeting notices, correspondence, reports, annual plans, and related materials. Water and Soil Resources Board: An Inventory of Its Soil and Water Conservation District Background Files gr The files include annual reports, correspondence, audit reports, petitions for and certificates of organization, work plans and programs, district maps, minutes of district supervisors, and occasionally other materials.

Kalitowski wpb01 Minutes, correspondence, newsletter, reports, and subject files maintained by board chair, Thomas J. Kalitowski, documenting the organization and activities of the board. Weiberg, documenting organization of the Minnesota watershed district managers. Paul, Minn. Album sv Views of the exterior of the Madison school in Saint Paul, the school's faculty, and class photographs for each grade. Photographs taken by C. Waterman of Chicago with stamp on back of images for studio address Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis.

Bonnie Watkins and Nina Rothchild: An Inventory of Their Research Files Excerpts , list of women interviewed circa , releases for publication circa , interview files circa , and sound recordings of interviews , conducted by Bonnie Watkins and Nina Rothchild for their book In the company of women: voices from the women"s movement, published in by the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

Includes index to sound recordings. Photographed by Fowler. Watonwan County. District Court: An Inventory of Its Naturalization Records and Index SAM Personal name index, declarations of intention, final papers, petition and record, lists of citizenship petitions granted, applications to take oath of allegiance, and correspondence.

Paul and Stillwater, Minnesota, and a trip from St. Paul to Fort Snelling and St. Anthony; autobiographical data; his reminiscence of his journey to Minnesota and settlement in Cottage Grove, Washington County; and a typescript of the diary with explanatory footnotes by G. Ackermann ca. Marshman S. Begun using traditional methods and involving mainly only fifth and sixth grade students, by , the Suzuki approach was being used and students in grades one through six were included.

At its height, more than children were involved, roughly fifteen percent of the elementary population in grades kindergarten through five. Support was given by the Wayzata String Boosters. The program was eliminated in May due to budget constraints. WCA Foundation: An Inventory of Its Records Minutes, correspondence, financial records, annual reports, newspaper clippings, newsletters, directories, and other printed matter of a women's organization begun in to create and support a safe residence for unmarried working women.

Several residences for both women and men were eventually established. The records document the women's financial involvement in and operation of the various residences. The organization was known for many years as the Woman's Christian Association of Minneapolis. Weber Studio, Meyers Arcade, the G.

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Also views of the furniture and interiors decorated by the studio, including the Florence W. Weber was associated with a rising group of young neo-conservatives in the House that included Newt Gingrich R-Ga. The collection is perhaps strongest in its documentation of agricultural policy and farming issues during the "farm crisis" years of the s.

Martin O. Weddington, an active member of the African American community in the Twin Cities for over 70 years.