Can comcast ip address be traced

Not to be confused with IP, which is completely unrelated. An ISP is the company providing your home or place of business its connection to the internet. They may also provide services such as email, web hosting, or more.

The best VPNs to stop your ISP from seeing internet activity

For example, since MAC addresses are theoretically unique, a MAC address could be used as a unique identifier for tracking the actions being taken by or on a specific computer. Download right-click, Save-As Duration: — 1. IP addresses are typically dynamic, and often change. What you can do is install a tool like dyndns or no-ip on your system.

What they do is resolve the wan ip address of the system the software is installed on into a hostname. You can then log into your account and see the IP address last used when the software was running. This can aid law enforcement with the combination of the ISP used by the thief, to track him down. You can even run a tracert on the hostname and get a general idea where they are located by the routers the ping packets hop through. All this is one of the many things software like Leo is talking about and law enforcement use to track down stolen computers.

Chances are though, if it was a professional thief, they would have whipped the drives, software and all, making it virtually impossible. A hostname will definitely log an IP Address the machine used to connect from so you at least get something if the machine was connected before being wiped. The MAC address is used between two devices.

The IP address is used across the internet. When you talk to Google you talk to the to the server going thrue each layer ip , tcp, MAC, physical machine,…. We can say that each ip is Attached to a MAC address. I have to confess up to making an ill-advised comment on a forum post. I know that the blog is being watched by my bosses now. I want to remove the post the same way I put it on — by using my netbook on a public wifi network free one. I received a mail, which is sent from a system of network from my office.

What You Can See by using the IP lookup?

I want to know from which system it was sent. When you have a local network, it usualy mean that you have a router connected to the internet, and any other devices are connected to the router. There is no way that it can know what, and how many, devices are connected to that router. This is not always true. If the ISP manages the router as well which is very common in a lot of markets where the ISP provides the modem which includes the router function , they can definitely see all the devices with their MAC-addresses.

To prevent this add a router of your own to the network. If you are paranoid about your MAC address begin logged or tracked, having an additional firewall and providing your own WiFi device is wise.

How to Look up an IP Address Owner

Do you know how to trace a lost mobile with imei number? Can you please help me? I thought they could be traced. I opened 47 hushmail email accts for my students one morning at Starbucks. When we went to log into them, hushmail said they had blocked my computer not closed the accts in case of fraud or spam and to contact them. I did but they never responded. I went home and tried again. If not, what was it.

Try clearing your Saved Cookies and see if that helps. This article on clearing the browser cache will show the steps needed to do that, just press Delete Cookies where it says Delete Temporary Internet Files or Clear Cache depending on which browser you use. You might also Delete the Temporary Internet Files anyway, just in case. That will be based on a cookie, placed on your computer at the time of registration, by the website.

Not on your MAC address. Some of these hotspots require you to have an account and log-in first, while others are free to roam on or give you a time-limited trial. If you actually look at the first URL once you start browsing, you will see your MAC address as identifier at the end of the URL, as a way of remembering you the next time you are on their network. Hello Leo, I have a problem with one comment you made in this article.

The MAC address is an identifier that is put on every networking device that is made. The MAC sublayer on the other hand deals with how data is put on the physical media. As Leo pointed out, the MAC addresses of the interfaces on your device can be accessed by software.

And to paraphrase leo regarding malware, once some MAC address reading software is on your device it can do almost anything with it. Some proprietary software used MAC addresses for license control — which played havoc when people installed a new interface. If you installed that app, it would provide a way to track, somewhat, a stolen device, as long as it was still running. I have downloaded an evaluation copy of an application online. The way to turn an evaluation copy into a genuine copy is to register the software and pay for it. Obviously, they are not perfect and are probably not difficult to circumvent, but it might work in the case of your device being stolen by a non-sophisticated thief.

Has anyone here had an experience with PreyProject? Please answer me via E-mail sir…. It cannot. That feature only applies to certain routers in certain network layouts. Click here to Register a free account now! Public IP address won't ping. What could be the cause? IP address is correct. Started by miogpsrocks , Jul 25 AM.

How to get someones ip address and trace Location EASY!!!

Please log in to reply. I have verified the IP address is correct and there is Internet in my home computer. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Posted 28 July - PM How often are you trying to the same address? Site Changelog. Need an account? Register now! I've forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. There is in fact DHCP for the modem, and this DHCP is what's nice enough to give out information for the tftp server to download the configuration files.

What the user sees on his PC has nothing to do with the cable modem's address, as the modem is only bridging the connected client into the user network for Internet access. My modem has 3 IP addresses. The first two are on the HughesNet network, the 3rd is on the user interface. There are multiple "networks" on the single cable Bigger AC unit? Perhaps I need to state again that your cable modem has a different IP address than the router or PC connected behind it. My cable modem's IP address is currently Comcast used to exclusively use the private not internet visible or routable range of This potentially exposes information and with some modems, also possibly can allow direct mischief which was not previously accessible from the internet.

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There is nothing anyone can do to my network with my posting the IP addresses that can not be done otherwise MAC addresses are a different story, which is why the MAC addresses are blurred in the posted images. NetFixer to beerbum Premium Member Sep pm to beerbum said by beerbum : traceroute www. NetFixer to tshirt Premium Member Sep pm to tshirt said by tshirt : In my area, I and several others received a I don't think that Comcast uses Is there a Comcast engineer in the house who can verify if Comcast is also using the IP range of NetFixer to centric Premium Member Sep pm to centric said by centric : 73 ips are not visable publicly.

This kind of misinformation is why I started this thread. And in case you ignored that part of my original post assuming you know that it might make a difference , I checked it from a Covad connection, not from inside the Comcast network. Are you talking about the 73 or the IP? Anyone can trace to the 73, I just ran this from cogent Tracing the route to Confirmed, that is your public ip. Im so confused.. Try again in a few moments.