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Done at the GM tech center not Chevrolet engineering. Much institutional knowledge was not used. A decade later, not so much. Yeah, they really pissed off Chevrolet with that, especially when they started cranking up the line speed. The Vega came as a corporate design at the same time GMAD was taking over the assembly plants from the divisions. Clearly Ed Cole was a big fan of centralization. I usually check the door tag for model year because the junkyards are often wrong , but this one could have had a door swap.

Or a bumper swap. Or I just went with what the junkyard said, which happens sometimes. Frankly, all the blood kind of grossed me out. The really grisly crashes tend to not go to U-Wrench yards. The week that I got my drivers license The Old Man took me to the yard where the local police brought all the vehicles involved in major personal injury collisions or traffic incidents in which major charges were being laid.

We spent about one hour in that lot, with me being exposed to some very grizzly sights. Once you have seen the damage that can be inflicted on a human by a car crash, you tend to have a bit of a change of attitude. The VIN on the dash is the best way to tell the year.

1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth #0735

Manual like a manual you had shift from low to high and back , but without a clutch or clutch pedal to deal with. As did the Vega and Pinto. Yes, and not surprisingly the same point-of-view was espoused in Car and Driver since Yates was a regular there. It makes sense. No car over there I experienced had such a vibratory noisy engine — not one. Nor one more likely to have head gasket failure. None reeked of such overt cheapness.

Other manufacturers had at least a modicum of pride in their wares and the way they were perceived by the car buying public. Not GM. In true GM fashion, that crap engine was filed away, then given a resuscitation and wax job, and allowed to vibrate its way into the Citation so that people would want the V6.

Market share decline followed. My mom bought one just as my dad was assigned to Ramstein. Ever been in a 73 Vega with the automatic on the Autobahn?

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No bueno to say the least. That thing felt like it was going to fly apart at I wonder if the Managers at GM and Ford were that calculating. That does not excuse the problems that those cars had.

There was plenty of trouble to go around, ask anyone that had a Ford slip from Park to Rev. But the Vega was a very expensive car to develop. The aluminium engine was bleeding edge technology. BTW they had used that engine prior to the Vega on an English car Vauxhall Chevette and it had proved an absolute disaster — so they went ahead and approved it for the Vega…. Base model UK Chevettes had a small cc pushrod four, as used in the existing, parallel Viva model range.

The mainstream single OHC slant fours had no particular reliability or durability problems, being very robust. The 16 valve versions were alloy head on an iron block, like most such designs, whereas the Vega was the opposite. They had teething problems with things like oil consumption, but no fundamental issues to compare with the Vega unit. If I remember correctly Ford and GM were more interested in getting the consumer into a midsize and full size cars with V8s and were hoping that bad experiences with their small cars would steer the consumer away from them.

After that people discovered that a small cheap car does have to be unreliable and that is when people started to shift to Japanese cars.

1975 Chevrolet Vega Gateway Classic Cars Chicago #1189

Detroit was to blame for their own decline. I remember when the Vega and Pinto were introduced in the Fall of as mini-cars. That was the first time I remember the words mini-car. My father and I went to the nearby Chevy dealership when the Vega was introduced—there were 2 models on the showroom floor both sold and the dealer was taking orders and charging MSRP. It was a big deal when the Vega and Pinto were introduced as the VW killer.

Three years later I was working a Summer job at a Shell Self-service station and one of my co-workers had a 71 Vega on its first replacement engine which he put in at 50k miles and at about 75k miles it needed another one. The co-worker compared the life of a Vega to a booster rocket on a Saturn rocket. That co-worker traded the Vega in on a Datsun.

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My first car was a Vega GT that I actually drove for , miles over 12 years…it loved to burn oil but never broke down. There was a company called EICO that made performance parts for the cid 4 and I ultimately was able get some decent performance out of it. In stock form you needed too peg the throttle to the floor to keep up with traffic on modest highway upgrades.

1972 Chevrolet Vega

Perhaps one of the things that gave the Vega a bad rep was that prior to its entry into the car world, most American cars had all iron engines. Some got so hot the spark plug wire insulation turned to ash for six inches out from the heads. Replace the broken hose and plug wires, fill with coolant and often good to go. Usually a bi-metal, or all aluminum, engine will have warping or cracking that means more extensive repairs are needed.

Failed hose leading to engine problems requiring thousands to repair. I had a Pontiac Astre. The in-tank fuel pump was replaced many times. I went in and adjusted the valve lash every 3 weeks, added a quart of oil every week. At about 90, miles, installed steel liners in the cylinders. Rebuilt the carburetor twice. Rust was cut out of the fenders and new sheet metal was welded in. I installed my own clutch.

The car was easy to work on and it gave me great experience in working on cars. I did one top speed run on the car and it got to miles per hour. What could I have been thinking? Any minor mishap, and I would be dead in that thing. I still think it could have been a good car, but wow, was it ever under developed. My Datsun owning friends all laughed at me. The memories of my youth. Based on the taillight design, either a or Folks complain that the Iron Duke was a rough-running and noisy motor, but as someone with plenty of experience driving brand new Vegas in the early s, so was the in new Vegas.

The one asset that Vega had over Pinto was its look, admittedly much more beautiful. You must be logged in to post a comment. Junkyard Find: Chevrolet Vega hatchback coupe. By Murilee Martin on June 17, Vegas are happy cars. They enjoy their work.

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They enjoy being driven. Print More Reviews. Murilee Martin. Back to Top Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars.

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