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Each order may consist up to 5 certified copies. Payment of the fees must be made at the time the order is placed.

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How long will it take to process a mailed certificate? Many state governments authorize VitalChek to handle online orders of vital records, including birth, death and marriage certificates. If your state uses VitalChek, all you need is your eight-digit order number and six-digit PIN number to check on the status of your birth certificate delivery. Head to VitalChek's website and enter those numbers to manage your order and view its processing status. Keep in mind that VitalChek's processing times vary among its different locations.

On average, most locations process vital records orders in three to five business days, though the process can range from one to 18 business days for express delivery orders, or from three to 60 business days for standard mail orders, depending on the delivery method you selected at checkout. You should have received information about how long your specific order should take when you placed the order online. If you need to refresh your memory, take a look at your confirmation email from VitalChek for information on your order's estimated processing and shipping time frames.

If your state doesn't utilize VitalChek, and you ordered your birth certificate online through a different platform, you'll have to return to that platform to check on the status of your order. New Jersey, for example, offers its own online records-ordering system through its Office of Vital Statistics and Registry.

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First class postage included. If paying by check or money order, make check out to DOH.

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Same as online UPS. Orders are shipped on same day if received before p. Pacific Time. Expedited shipping covers the cost of shipping your order to you using FedEx for Express Mail. Orders are processed within 6 weeks once we receive the order, unless a problem is discovered. These charges are nonrefundable. Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce. About Certificates. Adoption Law SHB Adoption Registration - Born in Washington State.

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