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Portability: Since this is the portable version of the app, you can transfer it completely to a USB drive and take it with you wherever you go. That means you'll never be without all of your contacts, and changing computers doesn't mean you have to put all of that information together again. Convoluted Help: The Help document that comes with this app, while extensive, isn't very clear in its descriptions. This isn't a huge drawback, since most features are clearly accessible anyway.

But it could be a problem for those with less computer experience. Efficient Address Book Free Portable is a handy tool to have at your disposal. It lets you keep all of your contact information organized the way you want to, and because you can carry it on a portable drive, you never have to worry about being without all of that information. You can sync data across PCs and mobile phones.

Why Choose Efficient Address Book?

You can add birthday and anniversaries to a contact and the program will remind you of them on time, so you can better create and keep networking and build customer relationships. By setting importance of your customers, you can always focus on key persons. The product saves you a lot of time by features such as flash find, fast input of contacts from the same company, copy and paste of contacts as well as bulk import.

Additionally, there are various unique features such as you can add a photo to a contact and you can edit all the fields of a contact profile. Besides, you have up to 10 interface styles of different tones of color to choose from. Efficient Address Book Free is a must have for people from all walks of life to manage their contact information. Efficient Address Book free is very easy and simple to us. You can enter as many contacts as you would like. It has a nice, clean interface. You can also pick different style designs to use. You only get a few style designs to choose from unless you upgrade to their paid version.

Very clean, efficient interface and good data flow in card-edit view. Simple data import from CSV file.

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Excellent keyword search tool. Has 4 data fields each for business phones, home phones, mobile phones, and email.

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Has a data pre-view function so you can scroll your address records in summary view to search for your item, and open only the record you're looking for. Has a small "Comment" box at the bottom of the main tab "General" tab. But if you need to input a lot of notes, there is a Comment tab that gives you an editor to work with. Can't use categories without the upgrade but the keyword search function works very well. I don't really need categories with this program, and I usually won't use a program without the category feature.

I also tried many online tools including ZOHO, etc. In addition, the data import works extremely well. Works smoothly. Lots of options to select. WORKS well.

No glitchy oddball non-standard-looking features such as those sometimes found in software imported and roughly translated from the depths of Lower Slobovia. Multiple phone-type selections for each phone field should be in a prize-winning category all their own.

Price of which, BTW, looks to be very fair at only about 26 bucks.

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  4. I've been searching for over 6 months for a not-too-simple and not-too-complex contact database system, kinda what ACT! Overall, very happy. Adding data finally to an apparently very reliable program. I anticipate that after a week or two of settling into this lovely little contact manager I'll actually spring for the full PRO version. Kudos to the programmers and concept designers!!

    How to Access the Address Book on Your Android Phone

    Interface looks good at first glance, similar to some of the better PIM software. It's portable, I installed it in Dropbox.

    If there is any way of using the email addresses to open your mail client, I couldn't find it. The product is no use to me without that. Aside from that, I didn't like it having one field for street, one for city, one for state and one for zip.

    The only way I could get round that was to enter the whole address in one line in one field that I renamed "Address". Each contact's details all one line in 'report' view was too cramped, but when you viewed it in 'form' view it was cluttered with all the unused fields, i. Simple easy to use portable contacts program that does all I need and more. Nice interface to boot. Well done. If its just an address book you need, this is perfect for a freebie, and being portable adds to its value in my book. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

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    Send a text message. Touch the Text Message icon to open the Text Messaging app and send the contact a message.

    How to export all contacts

    When the contact has more than one e-mail address, you can choose to which one you want to send the message. Locate your contact on a map. View social networking info. Not every contact has a picture, and the picture can come from a number of sources Gmail or Facebook, for example. Many Android phones feature an account named Me. The Me account may be in addition to your other accounts shown in the address book. For example, the BAL contact is used on Verizon phones to get a text message listing your current account balance. When a contact is referred to as a joined contact, the information you see comes from multiple sources, such as Gmail or Facebook.

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