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How people of color experience living in Germany

Germany has become more diverse in recent years. But diversity and inequality data is hard to come by. And when it's available it often lacks complexity, experts say. A look at the current situation and what it means. Fleeing through Bulgaria seemed like a possibility, so in he dared the escape and was captured. The artist had started working on his memoir before he died. It also hits back at music critics and what they got wrong. Beethoven's th birthday will be celebrated in To mark this milestone, the "Beethoven Pastoral Project" asks artists all over the world to fight for climate protection — in a creative way.

The art world is becoming richer and more diverse. Artists from Africa, Latin America and Asia are increasingly gaining the international attention that they deserve. In Venice, their works are proving a real visitor magnet. More info OK. Wrong language?

Demographics of Germany

Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. Some foods can be a little harder to find than what you might be accustomed to experiencing, but you will discover that it is generally cheaper and easier to put together your grocery list each week than in the UK or the United States.

There are excellent mobile data and internet plans.

You will receive high-speed Internet service almost anywhere you live if you decide to call Germany your home. The mobile data rates are exceptionally competitive in this country as well. Compared to the rest of the developed work, the services that you receive here are must better and provide less hassle when you want to get started. As with any service option in this area, you will want to compare offers and rates for where you plan to live before signing up for a specific plan.

Some rental options will even include your high-speed internet access as part of the utilities that you receive when renting an apartment. The public transportation networks are well-developed in Germany.

If you want to travel anywhere in one of the cities in Germany, then you can take the bus or train with little difficulty. The prices for doing so are very competitive, especially if you purchase a monthly or yearly pass. You can get by without a vehicle here thanks to this infrastructure, although you will need to rent a car if you wish to travel outside of the city for some reason. Train services to the rural communities is lacking at times, especially on the weekends, but there are some regional bus systems that can still help you to get to where you want to be.

Even the small towns in the mountains are well-connected to this network so that you can go hiking all day and still be back home for dinner and drinks in the evening. It is an opportunity to begin learning the German culture and language. When you move to Germany from outside of the country, then you are going to want to start learning the language. English, French, and other European languages are spoken here in small patches, but there is no guarantee that you will have access to an interpreter. Then you will discover that the pace of life in this country is a lot slower than the other countries in the west.

People are encouraged to take holidays here to unwind and reduce their stress levels. There is a better work-life balance that you can find in Germany. For young people who are just starting in their career, the West likes to push them hard to stay focused on their job. That causes them to set aside their personal life and networks because they want to maintain their spot in their preferred profession. There is just a greater emphasis on defining who you are outside of the office.

There can be a lack of variety in food choices in Germany. If you move to Germany, then you can expect to eat a lot of foods that are part of the cultural cuisine. Even the beer is a little different here, with it being a bit thicker and warmer than you might be used to drinking. You can find some Mexican, Japanese, and Vietnamese food throughout Germany that can give you some variety.

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If you want burgers and barbecue, then the results you will find will leave you feeling disappointed — assuming that you can find them at all. The nightlife in Germany can lack in variety as well. If you like going to bars or pubs as a way to get out of the house and meet people, then you will discover that most of the establishments in Germany are essentially the same.

You can go enjoy a biergarten in most communities at some point in time, but the actual establishments are all pretty much the same. You can still find some decent food and grab a corner booth to chat with your friends, but you may discover that finding the place which can offer a guaranteed spot, fair pricing, and the right vibe can be exceptionally difficult in some communities.

♡ The best things I LOVE about moving and living in Germany - My experience

You will still need to pay American taxes as a U. If you move to Germany from the United States, then you are still liable for federal taxes on whatever income you might generate. Germany has a treaty with the U. You will find that the salaries for most positions in Germany are lower than what they would be in the United States or Canada. That can hurt some people if they are used to a certain lifestyle. Doctors tend to take the biggest hit, as their salaries are about one-third of what you could earn in the United States.

Your family and friends might not be there with you.

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One of the most significant challenges that people face when they move to Germany is the fact that they are away from their usual network. Most of your family and friends may not be living in the country with you, which means you could be on your own for the first few months. There are ways that you can begin to form new social connections, but that will require you to work at this issue to reduce its impact.

Even when you do form new friendships, you are missing out on everything that your family and friends are doing back where you used to live.